StageFinder™ Engineered Completions

Cost Effective Formation Evaluation

Better Information, Better Results

Deployed via wireline, tractors or pump-down, Wireline Logging Solutions' StageFinderTM service provides a cost effective formation evaluation method to improve the selection of frac stages and perforation clusters, leading to higher production and/or eliminating stages in both vertical and horizontal wells.

There is no need for an expensive suite of exotic, expensive-to-obtain open hole logs. StageFinder uses pulsed neutron measurements from our multi-detector Reservoir Analysis Sonde (RAS) to determine rock porosity, identify hydrocarbon bearing intervals (oil and gas) and compute water saturation; while the Spectral Gamma Ray tool, which is run in combination with the RAS, delivers very important information for fracing/ stimulation design, that is clay content and typing.

Based on measurements from these two logs, StageFinder makes it possible to assess total pay through casing and determine fracability based on clay-matrix content. Reservoir rock is segmented into stages and perforation clusters based on the frac design, resulting in an optimized completion that can lower well costs.


  • Lower well costs and/or production increase
  • Better determine fracability based on clay-matrix content
  • Improve selection of frac stages and picking perforation clusters
  • Assess total pay through casing in wells where open-hole data acquisition is not feasible