Cement Evaluation

 Radial Cement Bond Log

The Radial Cement Bond Tool utilizes a single transmitter, an eight-segment receiver at 3-foot spacing and a single receiver at 5-foot spacing, to accurately measure the quality of the cement bond. The segmented receiver provides a radial distribution map of the cement bond quality as well as an indication of channeling behind the casing.

Constructed of high-quality steel with oil filled, pressure compensated transmitter and receiver sections with ceramic transmitter and receivers; the Radial Cement Bond Tool is designed to withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

To help lower number of logging passes, the digital signal section is capable of transmitting data to the surface from tools run below such as a Gamma Ray/CCL, In-line Neutron, Compensated Neutron or other tools with one or two pulse channels running below the CBL tool.