CoFrac™ Perforating Systems

Optimize Fracturing With the Right Perforating System

Optimize Fracturing With the Right Perforating System

The CoFracTM Perforating System generates multiple fractures in the formation during the perforating process to optimize the connection between perforating and fracturing.  This lowers operating cost by improving effectiveness and efficiency while increasing production.

  • Creates multiple fractures, extending penetration
  • Plug and Play with conventional shaped charges
  • Requires no extra equipment, tools, or personnel
  • Simple, reliable and safe process with less environmental impact
  • Avoid risk of casing and cement damage
  • Field tested in more than 2,000 wells.

Combining conventional shaped charge of high speed explosives with slower burning propellant, CoFrac creates two explosive events. The first explosion produces a perforating jet penetrating the gun body, casing, cement and formation.  Super high pressure (more than 145,000 psi) is created within the gun body and eliminates the possibility of the propellant exploding. As the pressure in the perforation tunnel is low compared to pressure inside the gun body, the propellant material pushes into the perforation tunnel following the jet.  At this time, the second explosive event occurs releasing direct energy into the formation to break through the crushed zone and eliminates near well-bore damage, while generating multiple fractures.

  • Eliminates skin effect and formation damage
  • Enhances formation permeability
  • Creates ideal flow path for fracturing and production fluids
  • Generates optimal fracture networks
  • Reduces frac initiation pressure
  • Increases injection rate/volume of frac fluids and proppants.
  • Reduces cost of fracturing and acidizing operations
  • Extends the working life of wells
  • Dramatically improves productivity for conventional and unconventional reservoirs