Resistivity Micro Imaging

RMI-01Better Images in a Single Run

The new generation Resistivity Micro Imager delivers high resolution images over  a greater operating range allowing you to formulate a better understanding of your reservoir.  The shorter, lighter tool design provides better quality images in a small diameter holes and is less susceptible to borehole tortuosity.  The RMI operates over a wider range of conductivity, imaging both high- and low- resistivity formations in a single trip.  Borehole environments that previously could not be clearly imaged, such as salt-saturated water base mud, are now revealed in high resolution RMI images that allow operators to fine tune drilling practices and completion strategies with greater insight and confidence.

  • Logging capabilities of 30 ft/min or 3600 ft/hr and acquires formation images at 30 ft/min, with 80 percent borehole coverage in 6-inch hole
  • Fully independent caliper arms and adjustable pad pressure ensure complete borehole coverage
  • Delivers accuracy and repeatability to within 0.2 inch
  • Can be positioned anywhere in the tool string – as stand-alone or with a suite of tools