Pulsed Neutron

RAS-V01Advanced Reservoir Evaluation and Monitoring

Utilizing Wireline Logging Solutions' advanced multi-detector pulsed neutron Reservoir Analysis System (RAS), our clients now have measurements to accurately identify smaller volumes of formation hydrocarbons than ever before.  This will reduce the risk of overlooking potential pay zones and improve the ability to evaluate, monitor and manage reserve production. The RAS technology addresses a broad range of applications and delivers valuable information to better optimize perforating and completion programs to maximize hydrocarbon recovery in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells.

  • Evaluate new well hydrocarbon content when open-hole logs are constrained
  • Monitor and evaluate well health for timely remedial workover decisions
  • Analyze cased-hole fluid saturation in three-phase reservoirs
  • Locate bypassed hydrocarbons with greater confidence
  • Evaluate Shale gas/oil plays
  • Detect water movement either inside pipe or in a cement channel
  • Supplies information to reduce production of unwanted fluids


Reservoir Analysis Sonde

The Reservoir Analysis Sonde is a multi-detector pulsed neutron tool for measuring reservoir saturation using Sigma and Carbon-Oxygen techniques. The sonde features three gamma detectors. The near and the far are high resolution Lanthanum Chloride detectors for Sigma and C/O. The long spacing is a Sodium Iodide detector with a spacing that is sensitive to gas and porosity. The tool can simultaneously measure Sigma and C/O using a mixed firing pattern for the neutron generator. Reservoir Geoscience support is available to map the measurements into reservoir properties such as oil saturation, porosity and rock type.

  • 3-detector array that includes time and energy spectra
  • Combination Modes to run Sigma and C/O logs simultaneously
  • High-resolution Lanthanum Chloride detectors
  • Advanced calibration mechanisms to assure accuracy
  • Reservoir Geoscience support for specific characterization and interpretation