We take Safety very seriously and are happy to announce that Wireline Logging Solutions received the Association of Energy Services Companies 2018 GOLD SAFETY AWARDThis honor is reserved for the service company with the lowest recordable incidents in over 2,500,000-man hours of work.

The Association of Energy Services began gathering safety statistics throughout our industry back in the 1970s.  This information is not only helpful in rating service company safety records, it is very useful in identifying major accident causes.  Armed with this information, services companies can develop safer processes and training programs that help us all be safer on the wellsite.

“We work in an industry that demands not only physical tasks, but more importantly great mental focus.  If something goes wrong on a wellsite, it could mean loss of limb or even loss of life.  Safety is a team effort that begins long before we arrive at the wellsite.  There are countless processes that must be performed and checked before we roll out on a job.  That is why it brings me great pride to receive this award on the behalf of all of employees who make sure those tasks are performed safely.  This includes the operators and engineers at the wellsite, the shop personnel building guns, cleaning, preparing and maintaining the trucks and equipment, as well as the office staff who dedicate endless hours making sure both client and company demands are consistently met.” – Ian Spahr, VP of Health, Environmental, Safety and Compliance.