Vice Chairman at Wireline Logging Solutions

The new Fail-safe Addressable Switch Technology adds a new dimension to electrical wireline select-fire perforating, replacing decades old pressure switch technology. FAST™ Perforating Systems provide the ability to block all sources of inadvertent current from the electrical detonators in the tool string. This includes all sources of voltage: stray, RF signal or human error (this is extremely important for simultaneous operations like zipper fracs). The wireline operator can now communicate with and control each of the sections of the downhole assembly, and the new switches can be checked before and during the wireline run, thus improving reliability.

Real-time shot detection gives the operator feedback on whether plugs have set or guns have fired, and with addressable switches, gun sections can be skipped in the event any section fails to detonate, thus saving a costly retrieval of the gun assembly and another pump-down to complete the stage. A conservative estimate of the cost for a misrun on a pump-down completion is $20,000 and if the plug fails to set and a fishing job results, the costs can be much higher.

Horizontal Wireline Services has a long history with FAST addressable switch systems and to insure SAFETY and RELIABILITY we shoot them exclusively. E&P operators that want to raise their safety profile and improve horizontal completion efficiency should consider a switch from pressure switches to FAST.

Check out the FAST  Perforating video.