Slim Hole Logging Solutions

Access to smaller diameter wells, bypass trouble zones through drill pipe, and providing high-end data on a multitude of conveyance solutions...

Our Slim Hole Logging Suite delivers BIG results in a SLIM package.

Slim Hole LoggingWireline Logging Solutions provides reliable, high-quality formation evaluation data for those horizontal / unconventional assets that were provided once only by the largest of the majors. You are no longer at the mercy of those higher prices and schedules.

Backed by decades of downhole-tool design and development expertise, our Slim Hole Logging Suite offers unsurpassed flexibility with fully characterized logging tools to allow you to obtain quality data and make it possible to:

  • Access small-diameter wells
  • Bypass trouble zones through drill pipe in high-angle wells
  • Log through drill pipe in tough logging conditions
  • Log in real time or memory mode
  • Acquire data in conventional wireline or memory mode


Reduce Risk & Save Time

The Slim Hole Logging Suite provides outstanding data when used in a conventional borehole. However, using multiple modes of conveyance, our experienced engineers can deploy the Slim Hole Logging tools through drill pipe in horizontal or directional wells, where conventional wireline methods are not economically feasible due to the time needed for tripping in and out of the drill pipe. Due to the slim profile of the tool suite and the flexible mode of conveyance, we can avoid trouble zones and get through the wellbore while mitigating risk.

Conveyance Solutions

  • Wireline
  • Through Drill Pipe
  • Through Drill Pipe (Memory)
  • Pump-Down (Memory)
  • Tractor
  • Pipe-Conveyed
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Slickline

Slim Hole Logging Suite

  • Array Induction
  • Battery Tool
  • Compensated Neutron
  • Formation Imager
  • Gamma Ray/Storage
  • Litho-Density
  • Telemetry Module
  • Waveform Sonic Tool
  • Dipole Sonic